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For the price of a nice bottle, you can finally crack the code on wine!

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With the Teachable team quarantined at home and arguably drinking too much wine, we LOVED Kyle's course to get us talking knowledgeably about our favorite beverage.








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About this course

I'm Kyle Weeks and this is Wine Primer.

Most people I meet love wine but few actually take the time to learn the subject so they can enjoy it even more.

This is because few people want to trudge through dense books on the subject or buy a multi-thousand dollar wine course. I did both of those things a few years ago and I studied under 10 master sommeliers en route to becoming a Certified Sommelier.

It's a great path for someone who wants to be a Beverage Professional but most of us just want to feel confident in wine.

If that's you, let me spare you the pain I went through learning wine the hard way.

Wine Primer is the course I wish existed when I started to get interested into wine.

I'll teach you only the need to know stuff and make it dead simple and relatable.

Sometimes experts who have been in the wine game a super long time have a hard time explaining it because they forget what it was like being a beginner.

You can get confident in wine in just a matter of hours if you have someone guiding you through it. This is that course.

Designed specifically for the beginner

Wine Primer contains over 2 hours of the most need-to-know stuff about wine, and presents it in a linear way so it's easy and fun to learn.

Educational and entertaining

When I started learning wine, I really struggled to find good material that both taught me something and kept my interest. Wine Primer is the course I wish existed when I got started. Allow me to spare you from learning things the hard, boring way.

Self-paced and available 24/7

Learn at your own pace using Teachable's easy-to-use course interface. Invite friends over and open a bottle of wine to make learning a group affair.

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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Class overview

  • 1.1 // Meet your instructor (2:29)
  • 1.2 // What this course will give you (4:15)
  • 1.3 // Making the most of this course (1:28)
  • Pre-course quiz (0:14)

Section 2: Setting the record straight on wine

  • 2.1 // Intro: why there are so many myths about wine (0:42)
  • 2.2 // "Wine is difficult" (2:14)
  • 2.3 // "Wine has to be memorized" (2:17)
  • 2.4 // "Wine is a game of right and wrong" (1:23)
  • 2.5 // "Wine is pretentious" (1:56)

Section 3: What “terroir” is and why it’s such a big deal

  • 3.1 // Intro: unpacking "terroir" (1:26)
  • 3.2 // Wine is place (4:21)
  • 3.3 // Wine is time (3:37)
  • 3.4 // Wine is people and their decisions (1:32)
  • 3.5 // Apply: go taste different terroirs (2:19)

Section 4: How wine is made & why it matters

  • 4.1 // Intro: great winemaking is like great cooking (0:41)
  • 4.2 // Vitification (grape growing) (3:14)
  • 4.3 // Vinification (winemaking) (3:37)
  • 4.4 // Apply: find a favorite producer (0:20)

Section 5: Making sense of a wine label

  • 5.1 // Intro: why wine labels matter (1:12)
  • 5.2 // “Old World” versus “New World” (1:44)
  • 5.3 // Place and quality level (4:44)
  • 5.4 // Organic, natural, biodynamic, vegan, and beyond (3:29)
  • 5.5 // The "spirit" of a wine (1:20)
  • 5.6 // Apply: go read some labels (0:44)

Section 6: How to maximize your experience with wine

  • 6.1 // Intro: "goal-driven" wine drinking (2:26)
  • 6.2 // How to buy wine in a wine store (3:48)
  • 6.3 // How to buy wine in a restaurant (6:43)
  • 6.4 // Essential wine gear and how to use it: refrigeration (3:12)
  • 6.5 // Essential wine gear and how to use it: the wine key (4:19)
  • 6.6 // Essential wine gear and how to use it: glassware (4:16)
  • 6.7 // Apply: open some bottles at home (0:48)

Section 7: Tasting, seeing, smelling

  • 7.1 // Intro: experiencing common (and uncommon) grapes (1:32)
  • 7.2 // How to see wine (3:19)
  • 7.3 // How to smell wine (4:56)
  • 7.4 // How to taste wine (7:13)
  • 7.5 // The most common white wine grapes (part 1) (5:42)
  • 7.6 // The most common white wine grapes (part 2) (4:12)
  • 7.7 // The most common red wine grapes (part 1) (7:11)
  • 7.8 // The most common red wine grapes (part 2) (6:15)
  • 7.9 // Apply: host a tasting (0:58)

Section 8: How to pair wine and food

  • 8.1 // Intro: why food and wine (0:38)
  • 8.2 // Why you should pair intentionally (2:23)
  • 8.3 // The fundamentals of great pairing (2:20)
  • 8.4 // Apply: cook a dish and pair it (0:57)

Section 9: Exploring wine further

  • 9.1 // Identifying and articulating what you like (and letting that change) (2:29)

Section 10: Course wrap up

  • Post-course quiz (0:08)
  • 10.1 // Thank you (0:34)

Your Instructor

Kyle Weeks
Startup Marketer turned Sommelier

I started my career in tech, working for Apple and advising startups. About 5 years into that, I got obsessed with food and wine, and wanted to start something in that space.

The only problem was I didn't know anything about those things, so I applied to a James Beard Foundation scholarship, found out a few months later I got it, left my job, and flew to NYC to attend The International Culinary School's Farm to Table Culinary Program in NYC. I got the opportunity to cook alongside Michelin-star chefs and understand how they think about flavor.

After finishing culinary school, I attended ICC’s storied Intensive Sommelier Training where I got the rare chance to study under 10 Master Sommeliers, eventually passing my Level 1 & 2 Court of Master Sommeliers exams.

I have a passion for making complex subjects simple and engaging—especially wine!

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