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You will create 23 impressive designs, websites, and applications.

Are you looking for an all-in-one Web Design, Web Development and Career Building course that takes you step-by-step through the all of the skills you need know to start working professionally?

Are you a programmer looking to improve your design skills, so your designer colleagues can stop making fun of your bad designs? Or maybe you're a designer looking to learn how to code, so your programmer colleagues can stop laughing at your sad coding attempts?

Have you wasted hours of your time or money watching terrible video tutorials that make you fall asleep at your desk?

Stop wasting your time & money! This is the ultimate, most comprehensive, A to Z web design, development and career building course on the market. I promise and I guarantee that to be true.

Here is my guarantee to you: If within 30 days you complete this course and you haven't experienced impressive results, you can't design or build modern websites, or you can't get a paying web design or development gig — I will give you 100% of your money back.

You will go from knowing nothing to creating over 23 impressive designs, websites, and applications — all with step-by-step instruction from the most entertaining and engaging coding instructor on the web today!

We'll start by learning Visual & Web Design, how to use Adobe Photoshop, and how to sketch professional wireframes. We'll then learn to code with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery. At this point you'll be able to code custom websites, animations and web applications by yourself.

Once we're cool with the front-end languages, we'll then melt our brain-bits with highly advanced skills like Responsive Websites, PHP, MySQL, WordPress and custom WordPress plugin development. You'll then have the ability to build responsive, dynamic websites and blogs, basic eCommerce sites and online stores, and have a professional understanding of all aspects of web design & development.

After you've learned everything from Design to Development, you'll be taken through a hands-on career section fully-loaded with valuable tips, resources, and real-world guidance to help you start your career — whether you want to work-from-home as a freelancer, or secure a full-time studio gig at a design agency.

What students say

"As a professional developer for over 16 years, I was looking more for the design side of the business. This course has comprehensive Photoshop section. Love the instructor, I have taken several of Brad's courses and they are always fun and informative, even for us web veterans. Thanks Brad, you rock!"


UWD Graduate

"I messed around with another HTML and CSS course on Udemy and it was alright but I got pretty bored. Then I discovered Brad Hussey's 'Code Dynamic Websites with PHP' and started working. The course was so well done that I found myself doing it all hours of the day. He then released this course. The 'Ultimate Web Designer and Developer Course' which is exactly what I needed. I am trying to re-train and do something different with my life. This course has helped me learn so much and set out on my journey. Evertime i've asked Brad a question, he's come back to me with a good solid response every time as soon as he can (he's a busy man i think). All in all, if you want to learn to code a site or you want to get into web development as a career. I'd recommend starting here. I did..."


UWD Graduate

"I challenged myself to an entire weekend to complete the [client] project, utilizing this course as a step-by-step guide. I am happy to say that my challenge was successful! I've already received payment for my work and my client was so impressed that he immediately gave me another project to work on!"

Recent Graduate

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Course Curriculum

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Course Curriculum

Introduction: Why This is The Only Design/Development Course You'll Ever Need

  • Course Introduction: All You Need to Know (2:06)
  • Download Course Files - The COMPLETE Directory!
  • What You Can Expect From This Course (1:31)
  • How to Get a Free Trial of Adobe Photoshop + Free Icons, Graphics & More! (2:04)
  • Price Calculator: Discover Your Hourly Rate & How Much You Should Charge! (2:33)
  • Intro Wrap Up: What You've Learned & What's Next (1:04)

Introduction to Visual Design

  • Section Intro: What You're Going to Learn (0:45)
  • The Basic Elements & Principles of Visual Design (5:51)
  • The Design "CRAP" Principles (1:59)
  • Typography Basics (3:01)
  • The Science of Colour (or Color) (5:33)
  • Designing with Grids (2:29)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:51)

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

  • Section Intro: The 80/20 Rule, Photoshop Basics, and More (1:29)
  • Creating a New Photoshop Document (4:51)
  • Photoshop Environment: The Toolbar - Part 1 (20:39)
  • Photoshop Environment: The Toolbar - Part 2 (14:44)
  • Photoshop Environment: Palettes (11:50)
  • Photoshop Environment: The Menu (12:14)
  • Photo Enhancement & Manipulation (17:00)
  • Photoshop Project #1: Create a New Graphic with Multiple Layers + Tutorial (7:08)
  • Photoshop Project #2: Design a Business Card + Tutorial (7:39)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:21)

Introduction to Web Design (and more Photoshop)

  • Section Intro: Web Design Basics, Wireframing, Photoshop (0:32)
  • Web Design Terminology: The Jargon the Pros Use (4:44)
  • The Four Phases of a Web Design Project + Cost Estimates (7:42)
  • What is User Experience (UX) Design? (14:36)
  • The Anatomy of a Website Design (5:17)
  • The 960 Grid System + Free Photoshop Downloads (5:24)
  • Web Design Project #1: Design a Minimal Landing Page + Tutorial (17:42)
  • Web Design Project #2: Re-Design a Blog Landing Page (6:07)
  • Web Design Project #2: Tutorial (20:22)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:26)

Advanced Web Design Challenge

  • Challenge Intro: How the Challenge Works (1:06)
  • Discovery Phase: Create a Sitemap (1:03)
  • Discovery Phase II: Sketch & Wireframe Your Design (0:36)
  • Creative Phase: Design Your Website in Photoshop (0:35)
  • Sharing, Collaborating & Getting Feedback on Your Design (0:43)
  • Challenge Wrap Up & What's Next (0:23)

Introduction to HTML

  • Section Intro: HTML Fundamentals, First Webpage, Course Files (0:33)
  • The Basics of HTML: Tags, Attributes, Elements (4:06)
  • Basic File & Folder Structure of a Website (4:34)
  • Your Must Have Tool: A Good Code Editor (5:57)
  • Hello World: Create Your Very First Web Page! (4:08)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:32)

Intermediate HTML

  • Section Intro: HTML Tags, Code a Real Web Page (0:18)
  • Basic Structure of an HTML Document (5:10)
  • Heading & Paragraph Tags (6:27)
  • Using Emphasis & Strong Emphasis (4:35)
  • Hyperlinks (5:14)
  • Lists (5:52)
  • Images (9:47)
  • Tables (5:52)
  • Forms (14:00)
  • HTML Entities & "Special Characters" (3:19)
  • HTML Project: Code a Basic Web Page + Tutorial (9:23)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:21)

Advanced HTML & HTML5

  • Section Intro: Advanced HTML Techniques, HTML5 (0:18)
  • IDs & Classes (4:54)
  • Span & Div Tags (8:53)
  • Intro to HTML5 Tags: Header, Footer, Nav, Section, Article, Aside & Time (15:35)
  • HTML5 Project: Build a Basic HTML5 Web Page + Tutorial (11:41)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:33)

Expert HTML & HTML5

  • Section Intro: Expert HTML5 techniques (0:16)
  • New HTML5 Inputs (13:03)
  • Making Internet Explorer Compatible with HTML5 (4:23)
  • HTML5 Data Attribute (4:23)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:48)

Introduction to CSS

  • Section Intro: Essentials of CSS + Download Course Files (0:43)
  • What is CSS? All the basics you need to know! (2:34)
  • Inheritance of Styles (1:24)
  • Measurements & The Box Model (7:44)
  • Inline CSS (5:12)
  • Internal CSS (5:53)
  • External CSS (8:11)
  • ID & Class Selectors (11:50)
  • Descendant Selectors (11:05)
  • Grouping Selectors (10:58)
  • Specificity (5:56)
  • CSS Project: Style an HTML Web Page + Tutorial (16:33)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:57)

Intermediate CSS

  • Section Intro (0:15)
  • Colors (3:21)
  • Text Styling & Formatting (14:14)
  • Borders (6:51)
  • Background Images (10:14)
  • Styling Links (10:56)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:16)

Advanced CSS

  • Section Intro (0:18)
  • Styling Web Forms (22:10)
  • Block, Inline and Inline-Block Elements (2:31)
  • Understanding Float & Clear (once and for all!) (21:11)
  • Relative, Absolute & Fixed Position (11:34)
  • CSS Project: Build the Google Home Page + Tutorial (Part I) (18:03)
  • CSS Project: Build the Google Home Page (Part II) (17:11)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:23)

Expert CSS & CSS3

  • Section Intro: What is CSS3? + Course Files Download (0:26)
  • CSS3 Box Sizing & Round Corners (8:11)
  • CSS3 Colours & Gradients (9:19)
  • CSS3 Shadows (9:54)
  • CSS3 Columns (7:27)
  • CSS3 Animations & Transitions (18:46)
  • CSS3 Project #1: Create Animated Buttons + Tutorial (10:22)
  • CSS3 Project #2: Code an Orbiting Planet Animation + Tutorial (Part I) (15:37)
  • CSS3 Project #2: Code an Orbiting Planet Animation (Part II) (21:52)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:42)

Advanced HTML & CSS Challenge

  • Your Challenge: Everything You Need to Know + Section Wrap Up (1:11)
  • Bonus Tutorial: How to Slice a Photoshop Design & Convert it to HTML & CSS (15:28)
  • Bonus Tutorial P2: How to Slice a Photoshop Design & Convert it to HTML & CSS (17:21)

Introduction to Javascript

  • Section Intro: What is Javascript, The 80/20 Rule + Course Files Download (1:11)
  • Internal & External Javascript (9:35)
  • Basic Syntax of Javascript (and many other programming languages) (6:53)
  • Javascript Output (5:38)
  • Javascript Variables (17:37)
  • Javascript Arrays (16:00)
  • Javascript Functions (8:22)
  • Javascript If / Else Statements (8:25)
  • Javascript Project: Program a Tip Calculator + Tutorial (17:49)
  • Javascript Project: Program a Tip Calculator, Part II (18:47)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:50)

Introduction to jQuery

  • Section Intro: What is jQuery? + Course Files Download (0:23)
  • Download & Install jQuery (13:57)
  • The Simple Syntax of jQuery (9:59)
  • jQuery Selectors (7:39)
  • jQuery Event Methods (11:28)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up & What's Next (0:15)

Intermediate jQuery

  • Section Intro: jQuery Deep Dive! (0:25)
  • jQuery Chaining (4:07)
  • Hiding, Showing & Fading Content with jQuery (7:51)
  • The jQuery Animate Method (10:13)
  • Modifying CSS with jQuery (8:44)
  • jQuery Project: Mini Race Car Game + Tutorial (24:27)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:42)

jQuery UI (Advanced jQuery)

  • Section Intro: What is jQuery UI? + Course Files Download (0:46)
  • jQuery UI: Draggable (11:25)
  • jQuery UI: Droppable (7:10)
  • jQuery UI: Sortable (6:12)
  • jQuery UI: Accordion (5:41)
  • jQuery UI: Datepicker (9:29)
  • jQuery Project: To Do List Web Application + Tutorial (13:22)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:39)

Responsive Design & Development using Bootstrap

  • Section Intro: What is Responsive Design & Bootstrap? + Course Files Download (2:11)
  • Getting Started with Bootstrap (11:19)
  • Quickly Prototype with the Free Examples (10:32)
  • Understanding the Bootstrap Grid System (15:55)
  • Responsive (and sexy) Forms (23:13)
  • Responsive Tables, Buttons and Images (13:02)
  • Helper Classes & Responsive Utilities (7:35)
  • Using Glyphicons (Font Icons) (5:36)
  • Bootstrap Navbar (18:10)
  • Bootstrap Modal Window (9:14)
  • Bootstrap ScrollSpy (9:30)
  • Togglable Tabs (6:47)
  • Sliding Carousel (12:41)
  • Bootstrap Project: Code a "Hipster" Startup Website + Tutorial (16:37)
  • Bootstrap Project: Startup Website, Part 2 (15:47)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (1:21)

Advanced Bootstrap Challenge

  • Your Challenge: Convert Your Custom Website Into a Responsive Bootstrap Site (2:01)

Web Hosting & Domains

  • Section Intro: What is Web Hosting? (1:14)
  • Purchasing a Bundled Domain Name & Hosting Package (11:34)
  • The Hosting Control Panel (a.k.a. cPanel) (6:17)
  • Understanding FTP & How to Upload a Website to Your Live Server (10:07)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, What's Next + Bonus (Free) Web Hosting (0:31)

Introduction to PHP

  • Section Intro: What is PHP & What Does It Do? + Course Files Download (0:44)
  • Basic PHP Syntax (8:38)
  • PHP Variables & Constants (6:05)
  • PHP Arrays (Associative & Multi-Dimensional) (17:35)
  • PHP Project: Program an App to fix "Click Bait Headlines" + Tutorial (20:10)
  • PHP Project: Click Bait Headlines, Part 2 (10:19)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up & What's Next (0:21)
  • Intermediate PHP
  • Section Intro: Let's dive deeper into PHP (0:21)
  • If, Else and Elseif Statements (14:05)
  • PHP Loops: While, For, Foreach & Do While (12:56)
  • PHP Functions & Arguments (10:34)
  • $_GET and $_POST (18:42)
  • PHP Project: Convert a Static Website into a Dynamic PHP Site + Tutorial (18:03)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next +Bonus (Free) PHP Course! (1:14)

Introduction to MySQL Databases

  • Section Intro: What is MySQL? + Course Files Download (0:53)
  • Creating Your First MySQL Database + phpMyAdmin Overview (18:16)
  • Establishing a MySQL Connection with PHP (9:41)
  • Selecting Data from a Database and Displaying it on Your Web Page (13:02)
  • Insert Data into Your Database from a Web Page (21:15)
  • Password Hashing (for securely storing passwords) (8:45)
  • Using PHP Sessions to Store Global Variables (8:56)
  • MySQL Project #1: Code a Login Form, Profile Page & Logout + Tutorial (21:56)
  • MySQL Project #2.1: Client Address Book - Planning our Application (6:13)
  • MySQL Project #2.2: Client Address Book - Build the Login Sequence (20:43)
  • MySQL Project #2.3: Client Address Book - Logout Sequence & Display Clients (11:42)
  • MySQL Project #2.4: Client Address Book - Adding Clients (10:07)
  • MySQL Project #2.5: Client Address Book - Editing Clients (11:20)
  • MySQL Project #2.6: Client Address Book - Deleting Clients (7:32)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning & What's Next (0:30)

Advanced PHP & MySQL Challenge

  • Your Challenge: Convert Your Custom Static Website into a Dynamic Website (3:41)

WordPress Websites

  • Section Intro: What is WordPress? (1:03)
  • How to Start a WordPress Blog in 5-Minutes (4:28)
  • The Dashboard (7:47)
  • Using Free and Premium Plugins to Achieve Any Feature You Desire (6:09)
  • Using Free and Premium Themes to Quickly Make Gorgeous Websites (3:06)
  • Theme Showcase: "X" Theme - The Ultimate All-in-one WordPress DIY Theme (4:43)
  • The Importance of 24/7 WordPress Security (6:50)
  • Quickly Start an eCommerce Online Store (5:54)
  • Section Outro: Wrap Up, Further Learning, What's Next + Course Discount (1:03)

Career Development: How to Start Your Web Design / Development Career

  • Section Intro: The Career Options Available to You as a Web Designer & Developer (0:53)
  • The Importance of "Cultivating" Your Career (2:40)
  • What Does Success Mean To You? (4:19)
  • Freelancing: Should You Work For Free? (2:57)
  • Freelancing: Should You Quit Your Job? (3:43)
  • Free eBook Download: Cultivate a Successful Freelance Career
  • Where To Find Web Design & Development Jobs: Part-time, Full-time & Freelance (11:12)
  • 4 Valuable Tips for Crafting the Perfect Résumé (4:37)
  • The Grande Finale: Where Do You Go From Here? (3:37)

Your instructor

Brad Hussey

A highly skilled professional, Brad Hussey is a passionate and experienced web designer, developer, blogger and digital entrepreneur. Hailing from North Of The Wall (Yellowknife, Canada), Brad made the trek to the Wet Coast (Vancouver, Canada) to educate and equip himself with the necessary skills to become a spearhead in his trade of solving problems on the web, crafting design solutions, and speaking in code.

Brad's determination and love for what he does has landed him in some pretty interesting places with some neat people. He's had the privilege of working with, and providing solutions for, numerous businesses, big & small, across the Americas.

Brad builds custom websites, and provides design solutions for a wide-array of clientele at his company, Brightside Studios. He regularly blogs about passive income, living your life to the fullest, and provides premium quality web design tutorials and courses for tens of thousands of amazing people desiring to master the craft.

210,000+ Students Don't Lie

Join Brad and adventure into his world of web design, web development, speaking in code and cracking jokes. You won't regret it!

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

I'm a programmer with no design skills. Is this course for me?

Absolutely! You'll learn everything from visual design to designing beautiful websites in Photoshop.

I'm a designer with no programming skills. Is this course for me?

Boy, is it ever for you! You'll learn the major web and programming languages for coding websites and database-driven applications.

I have no design or programming skills at all, and I'm afraid if I buy this course I'll be left in the dark feeling like it was a waste of time and money.

This course is designed for you specifically! We'll cover 18+ major disciplines from scratch, and you'll be working on real projects to solidify your newly acquired skills.

Why would I pay money for this course when I can just YouTube everything for free?

By all means, please try! But I promise you won't find a solution even close to the quality of this course. You'll waste hours and hours of your time trying to compile a playlist of boring video tutorials, and you'll give up before you even start learning. This course is the ultimate all-in-one solution, and I've done all the work for you. It's all here!