The Art of Kitchen Improv

Master Cooking without a Recipe

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  • 2+ hours of self-paced video lessons available 24/7
  • Mobile and tablet friendly access
  • Optional quizzes, extra recipes and class chat forums
  • Gain kitchen confidence!
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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

If you find it cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund you the difference.

Your Outcome

Master the art of cooking without a recipe

Here's what you will learn in this course:

  • Learn two dramatically different ways to prepare each of seven ingredients. These are our must-have techniques; if you never learn another cooking method, you'll still be set for a lifetime of great food.
  • Crack the code of great recipes by mastering the Milk Street Theory of Cooking
  • Practice reverse-engineering your dinner. When you know your goal, you'll make the right choices from start to finish.
  • Memorize 10 essential Milk Street cooking tricks and techniques. These little recipes, techniques and tips are the tools you need for true kitchen improv.
  • Use Milk Street's essential spice blends, aromatic combinations and condiments to endlessly customize a recipe template to fit your preferences.
  • Learn what equipment is absolutely essential. We give you our bare-bones list of knives, pots, pans and small tools, and nothing more.

What To Expect in Milk Street Classes:

  • Short, clear and concise lessons tailored for the busy home cook.
  • Gain kitchen confidence. Lessons that get you ready for cooking success because you learn the why behind a recipe before you cook and not during or, worse, after you are done. You will cook the recipes from class better once you’ve walked through a lesson with us.
  • Lessons based on technique, skills and ideas that apply broadly to cooking but presented in the specific context of a recipe you can make tonight
  • Optional quizzes and at-home cooking challenges and experiments
  • Downloadable handouts on ingredients, skills, theory and more
  • Extra recipes to continue your practice once class is done
  • Class chat forums

What NOT To Expect in Milk Street Classes:

  • Long, step-by-step recipe videos that you have to start and stop while you cook
  • Classes that teach you how to make one recipe without showing you how to become a better cook.

Who Milk Street Classes Are For:

  • The curious home cook who wants to learn why cooking works but who also craves new, bold and simple recipes for great dinners tonight.

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Course Curriculum

The Art of Kitchen Improv: Master cooking without a recipe

  • Class Overview (2:05)
  • The Art of Kitchen Improv Recipe Booklet

Equipment: Pots, Pans, & Knives

  • The Essential Equipment. No More.
  • Knives (7:35)
  • Pots and Pans
  • Tools
  • Cast Iron and Carbon Steel Care (3:51)

The Milk Street Cooking Theory

  • Milk Street Cooking Theory: Introduction
  • Theory Chart
  • Tacos: Our theory in action

14 Recipes: Your foundation for endless kitchen improv

  • All You Need to Know in 14 Recipes

Eggs: Scramble your scramble and omeletes exposed

  • Eggs #1: Fluffy Olive Oil-Scrambled Eggs (5:07)
  • Eggs #2: Open-Faced Omeletes (6:14)

Chicken: Traybakes and a perfect poach

  • Chicken #1: Traybakes (5:35)
  • Chicken #2: Poached (8:00)

Pork: Chops and tenderloin

  • Chops: Go fast and slow (8:01)
  • Tenderloin: Sear and bake (11:27)

Beef: Reverse sear and dry braise

  • Steakhouse Steak: Reverse sear (9:37)
  • Dry-braise: Let the oven do the work (11:14)

Fish: Steam and a one-sided sear

  • The One-Sided Sear (5:49)
  • Steamed Perfection (6:11)

Legumes: An essential bean cheat and lentils updated

  • Beans (4:15)
  • Lentil Soup (10:38)

Vegetables: Low-liquid and high heat

  • Low-liquid Boil (7:02)
  • Skillet-char (5:18)

10 Tips and Tricks for Easy Improv

  • 10 Tips and Tricks for Easy Improv
  • 1: Tarkas and Homemade Chili Oils
  • 2: Herb Pastes
  • 3: Quick Pickles
  • 4: Transforming Supermarket Tomatoes
  • 5: Miso Broths
  • 6: Mellowing Garlic, Onions and Chilies
  • 7. Calm Down Garlic!
  • 8: Flavored Butters
  • 9: Herb Salts
  • 10: Vinaigrette Revamp

Heat: Two numbers and two facts

  • 212 and 300
  • Conduction and Density

Essential Spice and Aromatic Combinations

  • Endless Improv: Spice + aromatic combinations
  • Five Essential Aromatic + Spice Flavor Combinations
  • Three Must-Know Spice Combinations

Pour & Transform: Condiments that save Tuesday night

  • Pour + Transform: Six bottles that define the Milk Street kitchen

Finished! Move over John Coltrane. There's a new improv master in town.

  • Improv Master
  • The Art of Kitchen Improv Recipe Booklet
  • The Art of Kitchen Improv Class Booklet

Your Instructor

Milk Street Cooking
Christopher Kimball's Cooking School

Part classroom, part playground and all kitchen, Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Cooking School is where you'll learn to change the way you cook.

The world is full of better ways to get supper on the table using bigger, bolder flavors, easier techniques and combinations of ingredients that will take your cooking from good to great. Best yet: This style of cooking is quicker and easier.

At the Milk Street Online Cooking School you won’t learn just recipes, you'll learn new ways to approach food and cooking, giving you a reinvigorated enthusiasm for putting dinner on the table.

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