Pro Practice: Your Guide to Piano Mastery

Free piano lessons for all levels of study

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  • Over 3 hours of piano lsesons
  • 3 lessons for early beginners
  • Tutorials for intermediate and advanced levels
  • All music sheets are included
Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

If you find it cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund you the difference.

Your Outcome

Practice piano at home regardless of your skill level with a master of the art

Josh Wright created this course that includes 3 early beginner modules and a tutorial for intermediate and advanced levels. All music sheets are included. You will find fresh musical pieces to work with.

What Students Say

You are a phenomenal teacher. You teach people to THINK. Thank you from the bottom of my musician's heart.

I have just now been practicing and notice that since I have joined your ProPractice course and watched multiple videos, I am finding my efforts so much more effective!! Massively better!!

I had been in a practice rut for a long time, not sure what I was doing really and kind of making it up based on my memories of what I had done in the past with teachers, but was not having great results or feeling any momentum and I was very flat and disillusioned about my abilities.

Since joining your course, I have made fabulous progress and am totally enjoying all that I play now, which is such a relief...

Challenging myself has become fun again and results are coming quickly and with more ease than I could ever have imagined.

My future is bright and exciting for me.

You are a phenomenal teacher. You teach people to THINK. Thank you from the bottom of my musician's heart.


Your skills as a professor are unequaled.

I have been studying the piano intensively for the last 6 years (I studied a bit as a child at the Conservatory, then quit, and re-started). I had a Suzuki teacher/colleague/friend for 3 yrs. Completed books 1-5.

Then opened my piano studio. Became quickly full of students, mostly young children. Kept on studying: Did 3 Juilliard Online Courses, and kept on learning online: Piano Marvel, Piano Maestro, Flowkey, Simply Piano, Yousician, Synthesia, ... All great.But NEVER EVER as good as your instructional ProPractice course. It is by far, the best I have known so far.

You have a unique talent for explaining and describing exactly that which needs to be understood. Your skills as a professor are unequaled.

Maria Rosa

Course Curriculum

WELCOME & Instructions

  •  WELCOME! (2:06)
  •  How To Divide Up Your Practice Sessions (12:11)
  •  Links to All of the Gear I Use
  •  Using the Teachable App

Early Beginner Section (Sheet Music and Worksheets Included!)

  •  Introduction (2:37)
  •  Lesson 1 Music Downloads
  •  Lesson 1.1 - Setup, Hand Position, Groups of Black Keys (5:43)
  •  Lesson 1.2 - Improvisation On 2 Black Keys (6:17)
  •  Lesson 1.3 - Improvisation On 3 Black Keys (8:20)
  •  Lesson 2 Music Downloads
  •  Lesson 2.1 - Discussion on Rhythm (Quarter and Half Notes), "Black Key Rock" (5:26)
  •  Lesson 2.2 - Clean Finger Releases, "Black Key Jam" (9:45)
  •  Lesson 2.3 - Dotted-Half Notes, "Black Key Blues" (8:00)
  •  Lesson 3 Music Downloads
  •  Lesson 3.1 - Musical Alphabet and CDE (4:38)
  •  Lesson 3.2 - Note Values and Rhythm (5:49)
  •  Lesson 3.3 - Improvisation on CDE (4:30)
  •  Lesson 3.4 - Alternating Hands on CDE, "Snowfall" (7:22)
  •  Lesson 3.5 - Quarter & Half Note Mixture Between Hands, "Black Train" (2:58)

Mid-Late Beginner Repertoire Piece

  •  Purcell Minuet in A minor, Z.649 (19:20)

Intermediate Repertoire Piece

  •  Grieg - Notturno Op.54 No.4 (47:29)

Advanced Repertoire Piece

  •  Chopin - Etude in F minor, Op.10 No.9 (45:00)

Your Instructor

Josh Wright
Pianist, teacher.

Josh Wright has delighted audiences across the United States and in Europe.

The Washington Post described him as a pianist possessing “rarer gifts – touch, intelligence and the ability to surprise.”

He performed his debut recitals at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center in 2014.

His self-titled album “Josh Wright” topped the Billboard Classical Traditional chart just three weeks after its release in April 2011.

He also performed at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles as part of America's Got Talent Season 9. He currently serves on the piano faculty at the University of Utah.

He has performed with numerous symphony orchestras, been a prize winner in international competitions, and studied with some of the world's greatest piano teachers. He looks forward to being your personal mentor in each of his course offerings.

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