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  • 50 Step by Step Video Lectures
  • Basic & Advanced Steps
  • Content Upgrades & Optin Freebies and Templates
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
    Completely self-paced
  • Full lifetime access
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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

If you find it cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund you the difference.

Your Outcome

After going through this course, you'll have a step-by-step plan to grow your email list to 1000+ people, using Convertkit or MailerLite.

It's time to learn how to grow your email list. In this program, you'll get access to everything you need to know about Convertkit and MailerLite to grow your email list!

You'll receive:

  • 50 Step by Step Video Lectures
  • Basic & Advanced Steps
  • Content Upgrades & Optin Freebies
  • Welcome Series & Education Series & Distinct Sales Funnels
  • Tagging & Segmentation
  • Automation Systems & Advanced Topics

You'll also be able to copy the email funnel templates I use that make me over $10,000 per month passively.

And you'll receive the 100 Day Email List Challenge + weekly email help.

Plus, you'll receive in depth tutorials on both Convertkit and MailerLite (my preferred email service providers) so that you can choose the right tool for your blog.

What Students Say

“Thank you SO much! I just created my first freebie infographic today, and used ConvertKit to make a form and connect it to my blog.

It would have taken me forever to figure all of that out without you! When I watch your videos and read your emails I feel so encouraged.

This List by Number course is great! It works very well with the Blog by Number course!”


Student, List by Numbers

“So far, you are the only one who has made it possible for me to do it myself without hiring a bunch of people.

I love your style, and I was drawn to your efficient and friendly approach to teaching that really broke things down step by step.

I can see that you really care about your readers and your community, and you have gone out of your way to help others and create priceless content that is ACTIONABLE.”


Student, List by Numbers

Course Curriculum

Welcome - This is what you'll learn! 

  • Start Here - Welcome to List By Number (3:35)

Resources and Templates

  • Email Sequence Templates - Welcome, Educational and Sales
  • 100 Days to Grow Your Email List Challenge

Why You Need an Email List

  • #1 Reason Why You Need to Grow Your Email List (3:13)
  • Deciding which tool is for you?
  • Comparing Mailerlite to Convertkit

Mailerlite - Lesson 1: Getting started with Mailerlite

  • Introduction to Mailerlite & choosing the right email marketing platform (2:25)
  • Exploring Mailerlite's feature set (4:29)
  • Setting up your new Mailerlite's account (8:53)
  • Brief tour our Mailerlite's interface (3:23)

Mailerlite - Lesson 2: All about your subscribers

  • Uploading your subscribers, adding groups, and custom fields (7:40)
  • Creating advanced subscriber segments & cleaning your list (8:14)

Mailerlite - Lesson 3: Building Beautiful Landing Pages

  • Building a professional landing page directly in Mailerlite to build your list (20:22)
  • Configuring your landing page settings (8:11)

Mailerlite - Lesson 4: High-converting pop up forms for your blog

  • Designing a high-converting pop up form for your blog (6:16)
  • Dialing in your form's display settings and behaviors to build your list the RIGHT way (5:49)
  • The techie part - integrating Mailerlite with your Wordpress blog (4:32)

Mailerlite - Lesson 5: Creating opt in forms for your blog

  • Embedding a sign up form directly into your blog posts (6:42)
  • How to put an opt in form into the sidebar of your blog so you can't miss it! (2:20)
  • How to Deliver a PDF Freebie to Your New Subscribers Automatically (6:46)

Mailerlite - Lesson 6: How to send advanced email campaigns to your growing list!

  • Configuring your account settings before you send your first email broadcast (4:12)
  • How to send your first email broadcast with Mailerlite (15:21)
  • How to analyze your campaign results to improve your email marketing (3:38)
  • ADVANCED: Use A/B Split testing to scientifically improve your campaigns (9:29)
  • What to do if your subscribers don't open your emails? Auto-resend campaigns has you covered! (8:18)

Mailerlite - Lesson 7: Workflows & automations to engineer your customer's journey

  • Designing your customer journey - Start with automations the SMART way (6:31)
  • How to deliver a dynamic email course with automation (11:21)
  • Building a tight bond with your subscribers - the onboarding sequence (6:04)
  • ADVANCED: Segmenting your list automatically (The Perfect Message) (13:11)
  • Selling to your list with targeted sales sequences (5:22)
  • Scaling and organizing your Mailerlite automations (5:57)

Convertkit - Lesson 1: How to Start with Convertkit

  • Overview of what you'll learn in Convertkit (1:36)
  • How to Sign Up for Converkit (1:12)

Convertkit - Lesson 2: How to Create Optin Forms in Convertkit

  • How to Connect Convertkit to Your Blog with Inline Forms (25:30)

Convertkit - Lesson 3: How to Create Fancy Forms in Convertkit

  • How to create pop up or click up forms (10:17)
  • How to create landing pages and grow your list before launching your blog (18:24)
  • How to create slide ins (7:23)

Convertkit - Lesson 4: Automate Emails through Sequences

  • How to setup a welcome series (13:30)
  • How to setup an educational sequence (12:11)
  • How to setup a sales sequence (11:45)
  • Connecting the Sequences to make a funnel (6:07)
  • Complex and Simple Automations (6:16)

Convertkit - Lesson 5: How to send a broadcast

  • How to send a broadcast (7:40) 
  • How Often Should You Email Your List?

Convertkit - Lesson 6: How to Import an Email List Manually into Convertkit

  • Import Your Emails Into Convertkit Easily (3:40)

Ideas to Grow Your Email List

  • 24 Ideas How to Grow Your Email List (4:15)

How to Create Freebies

  • Lessons on Creating Printables and Freebies
  • How to Create Printables with Canva (28:51)
  • How to Use Canva to make an infographic freebie (7:10)
  • How to create printables in PowerPoint (22:11)
  • How to Grow Your List with a Free Email Course (60:13)
  • How to create an awesome layflat image to grow your email list (14:22)

How to Make Money while growing your email list

  • How to Make Money while Growing Your Email List (17:12)
  • Additional Help and Bonus Material
  • How to Setup Your Professional Email Address
  • How to Create Easy to Remember and Professional Links Fast (3:29)
  • Bonus: Special Hello from me and my little ones (4:27)
  • Next Steps - How to Grow Your Blog Into a Huge Success!
  • Resources You Need for Super Growth!

Your Instructor

Suzi Whitford
Course Creator

I’m an engineer turned stay at home mom to three little ones! I’ve been creating websites since 2009. What started as a little hobby blog turned into a life changing decision. I never knew blogging could be so powerful.

I even retired my husband from his 9-5 corporate job by blogging.

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