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For absolute beginners. 60 videos to introduce you to Swift, Xcode and the world of iOS development.

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  • Intro to the Swift Programming Language
  • Learn Xcode
  • Build 2 beginner apps
  • Storyboard & Programmatic UI
  • SwiftUI Preview
  • Slack channel access for help
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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

If you find it cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund you the difference.

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About this course

Over 60 videos, that will help you:

  • Intro to the Swift Programming Language
  • Learn Xcode
  • Build 2 beginner apps
  • Storyboard & Programmatic UI
  • SwiftUI Preview
  • Slack channel access for help

More than code:

  • Discover the world of iOS Development
  • Career advice
  • How to network as a developer
  • Book, Blog, Video & Podcast Recommendations
  • My goal -- To make sure your effort and enthusiasm are pointed in the right direction!

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Course Curriculum

Getting Started

  • Course overview - What we'll be doing (5:50)
  • I was just like you (8:09)
  • Xcode - How to download & customize (5:55)
  • UIKit vs SwiftUI (2:36)
  • Slack Channel Access (3:31)

Swift Language Basics - Part 1 - Types, Variables, and Functions

  • An introduction to the Swift Language (7:22)
  • Basic Types: String, Int, Bool, etc… (3:41)
  • Variables & Constants (4:51)
  • What is an Array? (7:23)
  • What is a Set? (8:18)
  • What is a Dictionary? (4:23)
  • What is a Function? (12:18)

Swift Language Basics - Part 2 - Control Flow, Operators, and Optionals

  • How to use if statements (6:40)
  • How to use a for loop (8:51)
  • What is an Enum? (9:54)
  • How to use a Switch Statement (8:19)
  • Basic Operators (12:53)
  • Optionals (10:55)
  • Swift Language Basics - Part 3 - Classes & Structs
  • What is self? (2:37)
  • What is a Class? (8:05)
  • What is Inheritance? (7:49)
  • What is a Struct - Value Types vs. Reference Types (5:13)
  • What is an extension? (3:37)

Xcode, UIKit, Auto Layout - iOS Dev Fundamentals

  • Do I need to pay $99 for an Apple Developer account? (3:20)
  • Xcode: A Quick Tour (14:59)
  • What is Auto Layout? (3:40)
  • UIKit Introduction - User Interface Objects (16:24)
  • Should you build your user interface with Storyboard or code? (6:04)
  • FizzBuzz - A Rite of Passage
  • FizzBuzz Problem (8:07)

Random Colors App

  • App Overview - What we're going to build (1:08)
  • UINavigationController - App Navigation Setup (14:20)
  • UITableView - Setup (11:31)
  • Adding Colors, Passing Data & Refactoring (29:17)
  • Playing Card Workout
  • App Overview (2:50)

Storyboard - User Interface (12:23)

  • Storyboard - Outlets, Actions & Rules Screen (20:25)
  • Storyboard - Timers, Cards & Logic (17:35)
  • Programmatic - Initial Setup (9:29)
  • Programmatic - Custom UIButton (8:14)
  • Programmatic - UI - Card Selection Screen (18:31)
  • Programmatic - UI - Rules Screen (19:35)
  • Programmatic - App Logic (9:41)

SwiftUI Overview

  • What is SwiftUI? (10:10)
  • Creating a basic screen in SwiftUI (25:49)

General Programming Knowledge

  • What is this section? (1:25)
  • How do most apps work? Server/Client dynamic (3:32)
  • What is an API? (4:23)
  • What is version control (git & GitHub)? (9:30)
  • 3rd Party Libraries (Dependencies) (6:19)
  • What are edge cases? (4:55)
  • iOS Developer Career Paths (5:49)

The World of Swift

  • Teaching you how to fish(1:40)
  • Why is WWDC the best time of year? (6:28)
  • How Twitter can change your career. Seriously. (10:24)
  • My favorite Swift blogs and websites (8:13)
  • Swift book recommendations (6:49)
  • Can't miss iOS developer podcasts (6:04)


  • Feeling overwhelmed? (3:35)
  • Where to go from here - Next steps (5:51)
  • A quick thank you (2:42)

*BONUS* - My Career Advice Videos

  • What is this section? (0:49)
  • 37 Tips for Jr. Software Developers (14:40)
  • I'm an Average Developer (5:34)
  • 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I ed Programming (10:15)
  • Leveling Up Your Skills (3:20)
  • How to Get Confidence as a Programmer (9:13)
  • 90/90 Rule (6:34)

Your Instructor

Sean Allen
iOS Engineer

I'm an iOS Engineer with nearly 5 years experience. I've spent most of my career leading client side iOS development for small startups in Silicon Valley.

I've recently shifted my focus to iOS content creation with my YouTube channel that has over 65,000 subscribers in order to help as many aspiring iOS developers as I can.

I'm also exploring the indie developer route with the creation of my own apps and products.

Basketball junkie. Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Feverish learner.

Frequently asked questions

What will I learn in this course?

This course is meant to be an introduction to the world of iOS Development. You will learn the basics of Swift, Xcode and build beginner apps. Beyond the code we discuss general programming principles, career advice, how to network as a developer as well as recommended future learning.

What skill level is required for this course?

This course is designed for absolute beginners. I set out to create the best introduction to the world of iOS development, which is why we spend a lot of time talking about the overall profession as well as the code. If you're early in your journey to learning iOS development, this is for you.

Why do you focus on UIKit and not SwiftUI?

SwiftUI was announced in the summer of 2019. It is still VERY new and not quite ready for serious production apps. I built this course with the assumption you want to get hired as an iOS developer within the next year or two. UIKit will still be the dominant way of doing things in that time frame. SwiftUI will have it's day, but it will take a while. That said, I have a small SwiftUI preview section in this course and plan on releasing dedicated SwiftUI courses at a later date.

What if I don't find the course valuable?

Within 30 days of purchase there is a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. I'm proud of this course and stand by my work. If you don't get value from it, I'm happy to give a full refund.

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