Homebrewing: Small Match Mastery

How to Master Brewing Beer at Home in Small Batches

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  • Learn how to brew beer in your own home in small batches
  • Understand the kind of gear that you'll need, including software
  • Learn how to scale your beer recipes
  • Understand the importance of water chemistry
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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

If you find it cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund you the difference.

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About this course

Small batch brewing lets you try many different types of beer, figure out the beer you and your friends love, then go with a big batch.

Why Learn to Brew in Small Batches First?

Essentially, it's cheaper to brew in small batches than large batches and if you screw up or just plain don't like it then you haven't poured that much down the drain. It's also cheaper and easier to find a fridge for lagering with a smaller fermenter.

Given the importance of temperature control, my advice is brew the size you can keep within the yeast's preferred temperature range. Small equipment saves space and obviously has an overall cost that is less than larger equipment.

You can brew different styles more often and also have the capability of brewing & fermenting a 5 gallon batch with some simple adjustments.

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Course Curriculum


  • Meet Your Instructor (2:13)
  • The Case For Going Small (4:30)
  • How Small Are We Brewing? (2:44)

Brewing Method

  • Brew-In-A-Bag (1:38)

Equipping Your Brewhouse

  • All The Gear You Need (12:32)
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Equipment Checklist

Journals and Software to Master Brewing

  • Why Journaling Matters (3:00)
  • Why Go Digital (2:22)
  • Setting Up Your Equipment Profile in Beersmith (4:45)

Scaling Your Beer Recipe to Size

  • Scaling Down to 2.5 Gallons (14:21)
  • Scaling Up to 2.5 Gallons (3:57)
  • What We're Brewing Together and Why

Mastering Water Chemistry

  • Why Water Chemistry Matters(1:59)
  • Water Chemistry Basics (4:39)
  • Beware of Chloramine! (3:20)
  • A Primer on Mash pH
  • Adapting Water Chemistry in BeerSmith (5:45)
  • Adapting Mash pH in BeerSmith (3:54)

Prep for Brew Day

  • Plan Ahead (4:14)
  • Stocking Your Brewer's Pantry (3:18)

Brew Day

  • Getting the Mash Right (2:48)
  • The Mash,  to Finish (17:47)
  • Measuring Pre-Boil Gravity
  • Why a Good Boil Matters (3:18)
  • The Boil,  to Finish (6:11)
  • Chilling The Wort Quickly
  • Transferring from Kettle to Fermenter
  • Aerating the Wort


  • Fermentation Activity, Pitching Rates, and ers
  • Making a Starter
  • Mastering Fermentation Temperature (2:04)


  • Kegging,  to Finish (10:23)


  • Congratulations, you're a small-batch brewer! (1:06)

Your Instructor

Joseph Lavoie

I'm Joseph Lavoie, founder of Beercraftr.com. Thanks for taking time to learn how to brew with me. I appreciate it!

If you don't know me, I have been brewing complex beers at home for more than six years. In that time, I have made plenty of mistakes, learned from those mistakes, tried new things, and have applied what I learned to make awesome beer.

To share my love of brewing, and to make it approachable for beginners, I was asked to share my experience with mastery small batch brewing.

In this course you are going to learn to brew beer in small, controllable batches that will allow you to experiment more frequently, enjoy a wider selection, and shortcut all my mistakes.

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