Getting Songs Done

Learn to start, develop, and finish songs

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  • 22 In-depth and action packed videos
  • Course concepts and exercises performed by a live band
  • Includes a sample library for you to use in your music
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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

If you find it cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund you the difference.

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About This Course

This course is all about helping you be as free and creative as possible when you're writing music. The songwriting process can be full of self doubt but these lessons will systematically help you move your focus away from those unhelpful thoughts and back into the music itself. We're going to work on having more fun writing music and keeping writer's block out of the picture.

The course features demonstrations performed by a live band made up of some of my best buds, as well as a sample library of sounds we made together in the studio. So you'll be able to enjoy exciting musical examples and then make your own music with them.

The course starts with creative musical games and exercises to help you find fresh ideas for music and lyrics. Next, we focus on developing seeds into more fleshed out arrangements. Then we will dive deep into lyric writing. And finally, we will explore ways to finish songs and share them with people.

This course is designed for people who are looking to get more creative and find more joy on their music making journey. We don't cover much music theory or get too specific about any particular instrument. Rather, my bandmates and I will help you take whatever knowledge you already have and use it to make lots of music today!

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Course Curriculum

Hello and Welcome!

  • Course Intro - Meet the Band (4:05)
  • Further Learning: Hello and Welcome
  • Sample Library

Starting Songs - Decreasing the Pressure

  • Starting Songs Intro (0:37)
  • The Composition Journal (12:17)
  • Further Learning: Composition Journal
  • Composing with Shapes (4:11)
  • Further Learning: Composing with Shapes

Starting Songs - Music Games

  • Music Games Intro (0:59)
  • Further Learning: Music Games Intro
  • The Sound Sandwich (11:06)
  • Further Learning: The Sound Sandwich
  • Democratic Composition (5:28)
  • Further Learning: Democratic Composition
  • Pop Chop (2:49)
  • Further Learning: Pop Chop
  • Modulationship (8:05)
  • Further Learning: Modulationship
  • Freeze (3:51)
  • Further Learning: Freeze
  • Lyric Love Party (11:56)
  • Further Learning: Lyric Love Party

Starting Songs - Consume Art

  • Consume Art (7:04)
  • Further Learning: Consume Art

Expanding on Ideas

  • Expanding on Ideas Intro (1:04)
  • Further Learning: Expanding on Ideas Intro
  • Form and Elaboration (9:13)
  • Further Learning: Form and Elaboration
  • Complimentary Ideas (15:35)
  • Further Learning: Complimentary Ideas

Writing Lyrics

  • Intro to Writing Lyrics (2:36)
  • Free Flow Lyric Writing Part 1 (17:06)
  • Free Flow Lyric Writing Part 2 (7:48)
  • Further Learning: Free Flow Lyric Writing
  • Story Lyrics (13:58)
  • Further Learning: Story Lyrics
  • Levels of Abstraction (7:03)
  • Further Learning: Levels of Abstraction

Getting Unstuck in the Middle

  • Getting Unstuck (2:11)
  • Further Learning: Getting Unstuck in the Middle

Finishing Songs

  • Finishing Songs (21:44)
  • Further Learning: Finishing Songs

Your Instructor

Ben Levin

Ben Levin is a music YouTuber and touring musician with over a decade of experience making educational videos and courses.  

He has released more than 20 albums of original music with his band Bent Knee and as a solo artist, and really knows how to get songs done.  Most importantly, Ben has found many ways to make the process of making music more enjoyable and has helped thousands of people share in that joy.  

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