From the Ground Up - Yoga for Complete Beginners

30 Days to Establish a Yoga Practice

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  • Learn the basics of Yoga
  • 30 days worth of content
  • Learn how to medidate
  • Change your mind with the philosophy of yoga
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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

If you find it cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund you the difference.

Your Outcome

About This Course

Are you ready?

To learn how to get started with a Yoga practice?

To feel better in your body?

To see the world through a more positive lens?

To calm your mind and reduce stress?

To rediscover your inner joy?

Getting started with Yoga can be tricky business.

I understand how intimidating it can be to walk into a Yoga studio or class. Sure, you can put on a Yoga video at home, but even ones geared to beginners still require SOME Yoga knowledge. With this program we will start at the VERY beginning. I'll explain it all as we go, and we'll have fun with it!

There are too many benefits of Yoga to list here, but some of my favorites are:

- A more flexible body to prevent injury

- A calmer, more peaceful mind

- An increased ability to handle daily stress and manage reactions in relationships

- A more positive outlook on life and increased sense of purpose

Yoga helped me find my purpose, and it taught me ways to manage my monkey mind so that I can live a more harmonious and peaceful life. I have put together this course to share what I have learned with you, so you too can enjoy all of the benefits of Yoga.

This course was designed for:

  • Those who want to get started with a Yoga practice, but don't know where to begin.
  • Those who feel stuck in a negative cycle in their life and need a hand to break the heck out!
  • Those who need some guidance in their practice after losing motivation.
  • Those who want to practice at home.
  • Those looking for that "something else", to life and want to FIND IT ALREADY!

Over the course of 30 days, you will learn the basics of Yoga. This is not only the physical practice of stretching, but a COMPLETE YOGA PLAN. This includes; meditation and mindfulness, breathing exercises, motivational passages and philosophy, and of course, the basics of how to do Yoga poses, why we do them, and how they can help YOU.

Each day you will receive instruction in four areas:

  1. Meditation and mindfulness (Mellow the Monkey)
  2. Breathing exercises (Take a Breath)
  3. Yoga poses to increase flexibility, strength and focus (Let's Get Physical)
  4. Philosophy of Yoga (Change Your Mind)

Each video/recording/lecture is short, so it won't take a lot of time, but it will have a BIG impact on your body, mind and spirit. Commit to completing all sections each day and you will notice change in yourself. If you're ready for a positive change, then this is the course for you!

Yoga Teachers! This program is a fantastic resource for you as well. Reconnect with the mind of someone just starting out in Yoga and find inspiration to better serve the beginners in your classes. The hours spent with this program also count as 30 non-contact CEU hours with the Yoga Alliance! If you'd like to claim these hours just let me know and I will add them to your YA account for you.

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Course Curriculum

Welcome to From the Ground Up!

  •  Let's do this!! A welcome from Mandy Lawson (1:34)
  •  What do I need?

Day 1

  •  Change Your Mind- What is Yoga?
  •  Take a Breath - Awareness (1:58)
  •  Mellow the Monkey - Introduction
  •  Let's Get Physical - Intro to Asana (9:39)

Day 2

  •  Change Your Mind - Misconceptions
  •  Take a Breath - Movement (1:37)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Spine (9:18)

Day 3

  •  Change Your Mind - Principles
  •  Take a Breath - Deeper (2:26)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Twist (8:26)

Day 4

  •  Change Your Mind - Gratitude
  •  Take a Breath - Chest Breath (3:10)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Outer Hips (10:20)

Day 5

  •  Change Your Mind - Expressing It
  •  Take a Breath - Belly Breath (2:32)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Inner Hips (13:31)

Day 6

  •  Change Your Mind - Where is Joy?
  •  Take a Breath - 3 Part Breath (3:21)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical -Cat/Cow (9:39)

Day 7

  •  Change Your Mind - Encouragement
  •  Take a Breath - Breath "To Go" (2:39)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Standing and Fold (12:30)

Day 8

  •  Change Your Mind - I am not my thoughts
  •  Take a Breath - Bumble Bee Breath (2:40)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Goddess and Star (3:07)

Day 9

  •  Change Your Mind - I am not my Body
  •  Take a Breath - Bumble Bee 2 (1:39)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Warrior 2 (4:12)

Day 10

  •  Change Your Mind - Support
  •  Take a Breath - Alternate Nostril (2:37)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Warrior 1 (13:37)

Day 11

  •  Change Your Mind - Expectations
  •  Take a Breath - Bunny Breath (1:21)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical -Warrior 3 (3:21)

Day 12

  •  Change Your Mind - Reactions!
  •  Take a Breath - Counting (2:40)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Triangle (3:36)

Day 13

  •  Change Your Mind - Help!
  •  Take a Breath - Holding it (1:38)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Tree (5:30)

Day 14

  •  Change Your Mind - Positive Vibes
  •  Take a Breath - Combination (2:21)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Standing Sequence (10:11)

Day 15

  •  Change Your Mind - F off Fear
  •  Take a Breath - Don't be Shallow (3:24)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Downward Facing Dog (3:05)

Day 16

  •  Change Your Mind - Smile!
  •  Take a Breath - Drive Yourself Calm (2:04)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Plank Pose (2:16)

Day 17

  •  Change Your Mind - Keep it Clean!
  •  Take a Breath - Make Some Noise (3:40)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Cobra Pose (2:08)

Day 18

  •  Change Your Mind - Declutter!
  •  Take a Breath - Nose vs. Mouth (2:14)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Waterfall Inversion (2:28)

Day 19

  •  Change Your Mind - Be True
  •  Take a Breath - Sleeping? (2:20)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Bridge Pose (2:48)

Day 20

  •  Change Your Mind - Be nice
  •  Take a Breath - Sigh! (1:39)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Happy Baby (1:35)

Day 21

  •  Change Your Mind - Don't Steal
  •  Take a Breath - Breathing Ball
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Savasana (1:54)

Day 22

  •  Change Your Mind - Be Content
  •  Take a Breath - Heavy (2:26)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Full Hatha Sequence (7:01)

Day 23

  •  Change Your Mind - Circumstances
  •  Take a Breath - Talking (1:36)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Restorative Forward Fold (3:52)

Day 24

  •  Change Your Mind - Forgiveness
  •  Take a Breath - Ribs! (3:06)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Restorative Supported Backbend (3:23)

Day 25

  •  Change Your Mind - Unconditional
  •  Take a Breath - Unconditional (2:13)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Supported Child's Pose (2:57)

Day 26

  •  Change Your Mind - Friends
  •  Take a Breath - Friends! (3:00)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Restorative Bound Angle (3:07)

Day 27

  •  Change Your Mind - Play!
  •  Take a Breath - Blow Bubbles! (1:11)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Restorative Crocodile Pose (2:25)

Day 28

  •  Change Your Mind - Connect
  •  Take a Breath - Connection (1:14)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Reclining Twist (2:21)

Day 29

  •  Change Your Mind - Do Good!
  •  Take a Breath - Linking (3:13)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Restorative Rest Pose (2:13)

Day 30

  •  Change Your Mind - You Only Live Once!
  •  Take a Breath - Congratulations! (2:57)
  •  Mellow the Monkey
  •  Let's Get Physical - Restorative Sequence (9:46)

Where do I go from here?

  •  Congratulations!

Your Instructor

Mandy Lawson

Mandy Lawson, E-RYT 500, RYCT, YACEP is Canadian born, but has called Costa Rica home for nearly eight years. She is passionate about helping others on their path to remembering the joy that is inside them. She chooses to do this through Yoga, as that is what created the change in her life and allowed her to build the life of her dreams.

Mandy has more than 18 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, and has been teaching yoga for over 7 years. Prior to her focus on yoga, Mandy worked as a personal trainer for individuals and groups. Mandy also holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is a certified Hypnotherapist.

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