Effortless Output with Roam

Learn more, do more, and generate ideas like never before.

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  • An over-the-shoulder look at setting up and making the most of your Roam database through detailed voiceover modules.
  • Lifetime membership of the Effortless Output with Roam forum.
  • A list of useful hotkeys, secret features, and other tips and tricks for making the most of Roam.
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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

If you find it cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund you the difference.

Your Outcome

Learn more, do more, and generate ideas like never before with the all-in-one tool for knowledge work.

About this course

Roam is a powerhouse of a tool. It can handle your note taking, journaling, task management, CRM, writing, knowledge management, and more. It can truly become your digital brain once you learn how to harness it.

Consider this course your fast track to mastering Roam and becoming significantly more productive, creative, and connected to your thoughts.

I've spent 100s of hours in Roam, spoken with the team behind it, and experimented extensively on how to get the most from it. This is the most extensive, most recommended "intro to Roam" courses online, and I guarantee it will get you to the "whoa, I get it now" point that Roam fans talk about.

We will:

  • Cover the basic and advanced features of Roam.
  • Learn how to use those features for productivity, knowledge management, writing, journaling, learning, and more.
  • Explore the powers of developing a database of your networked thoughts

Learning objective

To give students a fast-track into being experts with Roam, so they can amplify their output in every other area of their lives.

Key points

  • Learn how to use the full functionality of Roam Research.
  • Start using strategies to annotate and retain more of what you read.
  • Manage your different projects and tasks with a robust productivity tool.
  • Collect important insights from different mediums to easily resurface them later.
  • Develop new ideas and thoughts from your body of knowledge.
  • Easily journal and reflect on your days and weeks.


  • A self-contained productivity and knowledge management system.
  • Better retention for anything you read.
  • Quickly find and utilize notes, recipes, past events, or anything you need to remember.
  • Manage your big on-going projects.
  • Be more creative and develop new insights.

What Students Say

"When I first stumbled on Roam I felt a bit overwhelmed and unsure about how to use it. I’m working my way through your course now and it has helped me immensely. I’ve now started using it daily and slowly expanding what I record and enter into Roam. Feel like I’m just at the tip of the iceberg in discovering the power of Roam."

Alek Festekjian

"After spending all weekend going through Nat's course, I FINALLY GET IT. With every added note, I increasingly feel like the main character in Limitless after he takes the pill that unlocks dormant parts of his brain."

Kevin Lee

"The video on Smart Notes alone - from Nat's course on Roam - has delivered value enough to pay back its cost. The method of extracting ideas and transporting them into other contexts of relevance beautifully leverages Roam and is brilliant."

Matt Mower

Course Curriculum


  • What's So Great About Roam?(11:01)
  • Useful Resources in the Course

Intro to Roam: Core Functions

  • The Daily Note(4:38)
  • ToDos & Tasks(5:45)
  • The Date Picker(4:24)
  • Linking Between Pages and Basic Tag Usage(11:26)
  • Using The Sidebar(4:56)
  • Filtering(4:05)
  • Capturing Ideas on the Go(1:45)
  • Referencing and Embedding Blocks on Other Pages(3:29)
  • Working with Images in Roam(4:18)

Personal Knowledge Management in Roam

  • Attributes and Metadata(4:08)
  • Adding Article Notes to Roam(7:06)
  • Adding Kindle Notes to Roam(4:49)
  • Adding Physical Book Notes to Roam(2:07)
  • Progressive Summarization in Roam(6:33)
  • Taking Smart Notes in Roam(8:01)
  • Organizing Your Notes into Head Pages(12:01)
  • How to Take Video Notes in Roam(3:20)

Writing in Roam

  • Outlining an Article in Roam(15:12)
  • Writing a Draft in Roam(3:25)
  • Writing a Newsletter in Roam(4:23)

Productivity in Roam

  • Intro to Roam Productivity(3:04)
  • Goal Tracking in Roam(9:05)
  • Project Tracking in Roam(9:35)
  • Weekly Planning in Roam(7:21)
  • The Inbox and Lingering Tasks(10:51)
  • Daily Task Management(2:27)

Roam as a CRM

  • Why Roam as a Personal CRM(2:56)
  • Creating People for Your CRM(3:22)
  • Progressively Updating Your CRM(3:52)
  • Searching Your CRM with Advanced Filtering(1:47)

Roam for Journaling

  • Morning Pages in Roam(4:43)

Advanced Topics

  • Using Queries for Advanced Filtering(5:43)
  • Creating Diagrams to Organize Your Notes(4:18)
  • Making Tables in Roam(4:57)
  • Doing Calculations in Roam(4:58)

Bonus Use Cases

  • Recipes and Cooking in Roam(4:40)

Your Instructor

Nat Eliason

Nat Eliason is the founder of the marketing agency Growth Machine, and writes on productivity, learning, writing, and much more at nateliason.com.  His work has been featured in TechCrunch, Shopify, Mixergy, LifeHacker, Business Insider, and his articles are read by 450,000+ people each month.

He's been studying personal knowledge management for 10+ years, and tried every tool and method under the sun. He was an early adopter for Roam, instantly fell in love with it, and created the only course whose completion is subsidized by the founders of Roam.

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Yes, for life. This is version 2.0 of the course and any future updates to any of the packages are free to previous buyers.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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