Become Your Own Technical Co-Founder: Fundamentals

Learn the foundations of back-end programming: variables, conditionals, loops, and methods.

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  • Fetch data from authenticated APIs
  • Manipulate files from the command line
  • Automate small tasks through executable utilities
  • Quickly generate data and intelligence for projects
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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

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About this course

Who is this for?

Founder/Hacker is a launchpad for "non-technical" employees who want to become owners.

Just a few years into my career as a freelance marketer, I had already worked with over 25 startups. Yet, I still didn't know anything about coding besides <a href=""> tags.

One day, a frustrated colleague told me "You don't know s*** about technology." And he was right.

A week later I dropped everything I was doing, flew to Thailand, and began teaching myself to code. A few months after that I started fomo.com as the "technical co-founder," and my life has changed completely ever since.

If you've tried and given up on platforms like Codecademy, Udemy courses or Team Treehouse, you might think you're not smart enough to learn to code. This is false. Unfortunately, traditional programming schools present material in a boring, life-sucking fashion. We endure it for a few minutes, then quit again until next year.

Founder/Hacker is the antidote to courses that train you to be a "good employee." I will teach you to be an owner. And we'll get there together, so you can build the money-making software ideas you've been kicking around your head for far too long.

What you'll learn


Ruby is a beautiful, expressive backend language that powers websites like GitHub, Airbnb, Shopify, and Hulu.


Zero-to-one training on APIs and webhooks so you can make and parse requests with HTTP or open source libraries.


Build command line interface (CLI) tools and executables that automate your work and interact with 3rd party services.

Course Format


Code alongside me for 17 hours. I assume you know nothing, and we build from there.


Reinforce what you've learned through quizzes, real world use cases, and refactoring projects.


Every lecture is packed with notes and examples to bolster your understanding of each concept.

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Course Curriculum


  • What? (2:07)
  • Why? (2:35)
  • How? (4:08)

Setting Up Your Environment

  • Overview (1:22)
  • Install Wizard (Ruby, Git, Homebrew, Rails)
  • Creating / ing a Rails App (Mac users only)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tools I Use

Learning Stack

  • Learning How to Learn (3:01)
  • How to Watch Lectures
  • Useful Programming Hotkeys


  • Overview (1:16)
  • Getting Started (11:24)
  • Project: Twitter Profile (1:52)
  • Project: Twitter Profile (Solution) (11:28)
  • Mind the Quotes (8:17)
  • Conventions and Gotchas

Operators and Conditionals

  • Overview (1:26)
  • Getting Started (14:18)
  • More Operators (10:41)
  • More Conditional Expressions (23:36)

Methods (Part 1)

  • Overview (0:43)
  • Methods are Recipes (20:31)

Hack Pack (A)

  • Quiz
  • Project: Methodology


  • Overview (1:38)
  • Arrays (6:49)
  • Hashes (7:00)
  • Accessing Arrays (9:23)
  • Accessing Hashes (5:02)
  • Accessing Arrays of Hashes (3:07)
  • Useful Methods By Type (30:14)
  • Project: Mary Poppins
  • Project: Mary Poppins (Solution)


  • Overview (1:54)
  • Getting Started (19:58)
  • Scoping and Loops (15:32)
  • More Looping Strategies (24:33)
  • Hashes and Nested Loops (20:38)
  • Shorthand Syntax and Debugging (28:43)
  • Even More Looping (13:10)

Methods (Part 2)

  • Overview (0:57)
  • Concepts Recap (3:11)
  • Project: Rap Name Generator (39:38)
  • Default Parameters and Keyword Arguments (13:28)
  • Pass by Value and Reference (11:32)
  • Built-in vs Custom Methods (10:16)
  • Debugging Revisited (15:24)
  • Introducing Rescue (29:44)

Hack Pack (B)

  • Quiz
  • Project: Company Directory (5:43)
  • Types exercises
  • Looping exercises

Terminal, Scripts, and CLIs

  • Overview (0:29)
  • CLI Commands (Windows users only)
  • Getting Started (25:39)
  • Executing Scripts (22:56)
  • Interactive Scripting (53:34)
  • Project: Weatherman
  • CLI Patterns (5:12)


  • Overview (1:12)
  • Traversing API Payloads (JSON + XML) (39:17)
  • Introduction to HTTP
  • Open APIs (38:17)
  • Project: Open API Playground
  • Authenticated APIs (60:12)
  • Introduction to Debugging APIs
  • Introduction to OAuth2 (23:11)
  • Revoked Tokens, Deprecated Endpoints, and Rate Limits
  • API Wrappers vs HTTP Requests (18:34)
  • Webhooks (58:58)

Hack Pack (C)

  • Quiz
  • Project: Go Fetch
  • Ruby vs Python

Intro to Git

  • Overview(1:21)
  • Getting Started
  • More Git

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Overview (1:01)
  • Refactoring Procedural Scripts (27:30)
  • OOP Paradigms (Part 1) (36:18)
  • OOP Paradigms (Part 2) (30:23)
  • Method Hacking (27:05)
  • Making OOP Executable
  • OOP Everywhere (2:44)
  • Where You're At
  • Project: Refactors and Kata

Next Steps

  • Thank You (0:15)

Your Instructor

Ryan Kulp
Partner at Fork Equity

I'm Ryan. I've been sharing everything I know since 2012 when I published a book and started my first blog. Since then I've written 100s of essays on growth, product, and leadership, and founded or worked at dozens of tech companies.

As founder of Fomo.com and partner at Fork Equity, I'm no stranger to buying and growing small companies. In fact, it's become my entire career strategy.

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