Become a Google Sheets Master

Learn 30 advanced formulas and techniques in 30 days, with these 30 bite-size tutorials

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  • Immediate access to all 30 lessons...
  • Over 5 hours of video tutorials!
  • 30 starter templates for each lesson
  • 30 solution files for each lesson
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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

If you find it cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund you the difference.

Your Outcome

How do you become a Google Sheets master?

Practice, practice, practice!

Do you feel like you've hit a plateau with your learning?

Ever wanted to see what all the fuss about INDEX-MATCH is?

Wish you could be better at manipulating data in your spreadsheets?

Well, this is the course for you. The best way to learn is to build stuff. You can read all the books in the world, but until you practice something for real yourself (and repeat, and repeat...) you won't get where you want to go.

Learn 30 advanced formulas and techniques in 30 days, with these 30 bite-size tutorials.

Who is this for?

This course is intended for intermediate level users of Google Sheets, who want to become more comfortable with advanced formulas and unlock the full potential of their data.

You should be comfortable with basic formulas before taking this course, up to about the level of the VLOOKUP (although I do a very quick recap of that in lesson 1!).

How is the course structured?

There are 30 lessons, consisting of a 5 - 15 minute video, a starting template and a solution file.

I'd recommend trying one video each day for 30 days, so you give yourself time to digest and have a single focus for each day.

However, students with more experience might race through material they're already familiar with and finish the course more quickly (you get access to all 30 lessons instantly). Similarly, the course will be available and FREE for life, so the videos will always be there if you want to take longer or re-watch them at anytime.

We learn through a series of examples, which you can follow along to in your own Sheet.

What Students Say

I've been watching and learning a lot. Thank you - thank you!

Amazed at your power formulas, especially happy about "Sort" and IMPORTRANGE. This will save me a lot of time! I have several projects where these will be quite useful.


Thank you for the course!

I have found it to be incredibly useful!!!!!!

I can't wait to get through all of it. Perfect bite sized pieces and your voice and cadence is just perfect.


I am loving this course - thank you for making it available for free! I'm in the middle of analyzing survey results for work right now, and so far I've used something from every lesson I've taken (and I've only done the first three!). I'm learning to realize that if I'm doing something annoyingly manual in sheets...there is a almost always better way


Course Curriculum

Introduction to Advanced 30

  • Course introduction

30 days of Advanced Formulas

  •  DAY 1: CORE SKILLS (10:46)
  •  DAY 2: IF (BEYOND THE BASICS) (11:14)
  •  DAY 4: DATA VALIDATION (10:27)
  •  DAY 6: VLOOKUP & TRUE (5:40)
  •  DAY 7: INDEX (6:23)
  •  DAY 8: MATCH (6:11)
  •  DAY 9: HLOOKUP (5:37)
  •  DAY 10: INDEX & MATCH (9:14)
  •  DAY 11: LOOKUP (5:29)
  •  DAY 12: DATE FORMULAS (16:42)
  •  DAY 13: FILTER (6:13)
  •  DAY 14: QUERY PART I (14:50)
  •  DAY 15: QUERY PART II (11:00)
  •  DAY 16: SUMPRODUCT (12:54)
  •  DAY 17: ARRAY FORMULAS (15:04)
  •  DAY 18: IMPORTRANGE (9:56)
  •  DAY 19: IMPORT FORMULAS (14:11)
  •  DAY 21: SPARKLINES (17:10)
  •  DAY 22: INDIRECT & OFFSET (9:30)
  •  DAY 23: ROWS, COLUMNS & SEQUENCE (15:52)
  •  DAY 24: SMALL & LARGE (6:49)
  •  DAY 25: MMULT & TRANSPOSE (13:14)
  •  DAY 26: FREQUENCY & RANK (13:41)
  •  DAY 27: SUBTOTAL (8:03)
  •  DAY 28: GET PIVOT DATA (7:04)
  •  DAY 29: HYPERLINK (9:14)
  •  DAY 30: OTHER ODDS & ENDS (10:32)

Your Instructor

Ben Collins
Data analytics instructor

I'm an experienced data analytics instructor and freelance spreadsheet developer, helping businesses better understand their data through analytical insights and visualizations, including dashboards.

I work primarily with Google Sheets, Apps Script and Data Studio, and also have extensive experience with Excel, SQL and Tableau. I've previously taught data courses and workshops for General Assembly in Washington, D.C.

In early 2019, Google recognized me as a Google Developer Expert for G Suite Technology, one of only a small number worldwide.

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