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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

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About this course

Why learn 3D?

3D can be just another design tool to get things done. It’s on the rise and you can incorporate 3D illustration into your everyday design workflow. The tricky part is knowing what to learn. Hunting scattered YouTube videos and putting the puzzle pieces together can take a lot of your time. And your time is an asset.

Instant action

With me, you jump right into action and within the first hour, you will have your first 3D illustration rendered! Let me show you the image, that one of the students created. One hour lesson is all it took!

Sushi set by @fk_3d

I won’t bore you with lengthy fundamentals sections. You will only learn essential information as you go, and by the end of the course, you will find out that there is no limit on what you can create. At every step, I share my personal workflow tips and every time add a little bit of a secret sauce to the mix :)

Additionally, every chapter has a dedicated downloadable file, so if for some reason you feel like skipping particular chapter, you can continue working right where the next chapter starts. You get the most out of your time.

Why Blender

Is it possible, that open-source completely free software can reach the level of industry standard packages? Even if it sounds too good to be true, it’s a reality. Since the release of version 2.8 last year, it has a beautiful and intuitive UI, amazing render engines and complete set of tools, that you need for 3D production. Did you know, that Netflix full feature animated movie Next Gen was made completely in Blender?

I believe in Blender and I think it can be the first choice for the illustrators and designers when it comes to 3D.

Bonus content

There are bonus video chapters on topics, that extend the knowledge and can be applied to every scene from the original episodes. Right away, you gain access to closed community group, where I will personally try to answer any questions or struggles you might encounter on your 3D illustrator journey. Additionally, there are two 3D models asset packs waiting for you to use without limitation on all your personal and commercial projects.

100+ scenes to download for FREE

In addition to the course and bonus content, you get every scene, that I have ever done for my YouTube videos. That's already 100+ scenes with 4-8 new scenes coming every month. So you get access to the same content, that my Patrons get, so it's additional $84 yearly value.

What's included?

What Students Say

"Roman is not only creating fantastic low poly 3d renders, he also created an outstanding course where you can learn how to do that too. What I really like about the course, that it is project creation oriented. That means right from the start you will get a step-by-step, beginner friendly guide on how to create these isometric low poly artworks from scratch. Highly recommended!"

Zacharias Reinhardt

Founder and Lead Instructor at CGBoost.com

"Roman was one of the most important teachers I ever had. Having him introducing me to the world of 3D made a real difference - and was also good fun. He always shared his deep knowledge of the software in an accessible way. Anyone interested in 3D would be lucky to have Roman as a tutor."

Matej Dubiš,

Automotive Designer @ AUFEER DESIGN

"I've completed my very first composition, and it's both a pride and a relief. Before, I just couldn't find the tools that would unlock my creative mind. Thanks to this course, I now feel I have an infinity to explore, where before I saw only obstacles. Low poly is fantastic, and Roman's teaching is perfect for me."

Nicolas Torres

Developer and Designer, Algolia

Course Curriculum

Bonus Content

  •  Bonus Video: Denoising in Blender 2.83 (18:50)
  •  Bonus Video: Using renders in your designs (8:01)
  •  Bonus Video: Animation Basics (33:35)
  •  Bonus Video: Animating Cloud 66 - Part 1 (24:12)
  •  Bonus Video: Animating Cloud 66 - Part 2 (29:11)
  •  Bonus Video: HDRI Lighting (15:29)
  •  Bonus Files: Asset Pack 1
  •  Bonus Files: Asset Pack 2

Episode 1: Sushi Illustration in one Hour

  •  Chapter 1: Introduction, installation and first setup (6:58)
  •  Chapter 2: Basic transform and subdivision (6:41)
  •  Chapter 3: Extrude and loop select (6:14)
  •  Chapter 4: Materials and color (5:27)
  •  Chapter 5: Array modifier (3:09)
  •  Chapter 6: Inset tool and outline view (3:19)
  •  Chapter 7: Positioning in the wireframe view (3:14)
  •  Chapter 8: 3D cursor and linked duplicates (5:35)
  •  Chapter 9: Camera setup and orthographic projection (2:19)
  •  Chapter 10: Lighting setup (4:07)
  •  Chapter 11: Rendering and color management (5:50)

Episode 2: Forest Road

  •  Chapter 1: Introduction (3:33)
  •  Chapter 2: Modeling a pine tree (21:06)
  •  Chapter 3: Modeling rocks (15:09)
  •  Chapter 4: Modeling a dead pine tree (18:39)
  •  Chapter 5: Modeling terrain (13:55)
  •  Chapter 6: Adding water with displace modifier (12:55)
  •  Chapter 7: Creating road (10:04)
  •  Chapter 8: Scene layout (31:55)
  •  Chapter 9: Adding materials (12:59)
  •  Chapter 10: Creating isometric camera with addon (9:02)
  •  Chapter 11: Lighting (17:50)
  •  Chapter 12: Texture painting the water puddles (22:17)
  •  Chapter 13: Rendering and color management (9:34)

Episode 3: Ancient Ruins

  •  Chapter 1: Introduction (1:20)
  •  Chapter 2: Modeling the ruins (11:09)
  •  Chapter 3: Modeling the stairs (11:20)
  •  Chapter 4: Detailing - Part 1 (15:37)
  •  Chapter 4: Detailing - Part 2 (19:20)
  •  Chapter 5: Pillars and stone blocks (27:25)
  •  Chapter 6: Palm tree (35:30)
  •  Chapter 7: Chipped rock (8:03)
  •  Chapter 8: Tiles (10:18)
  •  Chapter 9: Terrain (13:17)
  •  Chapter 10: Objects layout (23:46)
  •  Chapter 11: Modeling water (16:34)
  •  Chapter 12: Vines with particle system (32:23)
  •  Chapter 13: Adding glyphs (5:38)
  •  Chapter 14: Materials (10:33)
  •  Chapter 15: Isometric camera and background (4:26)
  •  Chapter 16: Lighting (17:01)
  •  Chapter 17: Rendering (7:16)

Episode 4: Cloud 66

  •  Chapter 1: Introduction (5:40)
  •  Chapter 2: Reference setup (7:44)
  •  Chapter 3: Blocking out the scene (27:33)
  •  Chapter 4: Floating island (10:58)
  •  Chapter 5: Detailing the scene (21:22)
  •  Chapter 6: Upper building details (22:55)
  •  Chapter 7: Stairs (6:43)
  •  Chapter 8: Railings (13:42)
  •  Chapter 9: Wireframe objects (11:05)
  •  Chapter 10: Vent with propeller (13:26)
  •  Chapter 11: Navigation arrow (10:14)
  •  Chapter 12: Fuel pumps (11:10)
  •  Chapter 13: Creating pipes (12:50)
  •  Chapter 14: Kit bashing (27:15)
  •  Chapter 15: Adding text (16:34)
  •  Chapter 16: Using object library (17:20)
  •  Chapter 17: Car modeling (49:49)
  •  Chapter 18: Cables with grease pencil (23:07)
  •  Chapter 19: Materials (33:25)
  •  Chapter 20: Lighting and rendering (24:41)

Episode 5: Home Office

  •  Chapter 1: Introduction (5:12)
  •  Chapter 2: Walls and windows with booleans (10:58)
  •  Chapter 3: Blocking out furniture (13:44)
  •  Chapter 4: Hard surface modeling basics (12:42)
  •  Chapter 5: Sofa modeling (11:21)
  •  Chapter 6: Record player modeling (22:12)
  •  Chapter 7: Speakers modeling (9:41)
  •  Chapter 8: Chair modeling (12:21)
  •  Chapter 9: Computer modeling (11:43)
  •  Chapter 10: Creating plant with non-destructive workflow (10:08)
  •  Chapter 11: Coffee table modeling from reference (11:49)
  •  Chapter 12: Filling the scene (13:49)
  •  Chapter 13: Introduction to nodes (8:32)
  •  Chapter 14: Introduction to PBR shading (16:11)
  •  Chapter 15: Smart UV projection (9:44)
  •  Chapter 16: Manual UV unwrapping (8:34)
  •  Chapter 17: Shading and mapping the scene objects (13:29)
  •  Chapter 18: Tree stump mapping and random colored books (9:34)
  •  Chapter 19: Finishing the room and floor mapping (10:57)
  •  Chapter 20: Eevee  setup and cycles render (7:40)
  •  Chapter 21: Final word (2:04)

Your Instructor

Roman Klco

For 15+ years, I work as interactive and digital product designer in advertising, media and e-commerce. I was always in love with 3D graphics and as soon as I could, I started incorporating it in my designer workflow.

Later, I challenged myself to create several 3D illustrations a week as a passion project to really push my skills further and I started to share my journey on social media. I was quite overwhelmed with all the positive feedback and the fact, that people really wanted to learn, how I make my illustrations. That ultimately led to a decision to make a comprehensive one-stop 3D illustration course to help you on your designer journey.

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Is the course suitable for beginners?

Yes, absolutely! It will guide you through all the basics of 3D modeling, while working on real scenes from the start. At the same time, even more advanced artists enjoyed some of the workflows and approach to composition and lighting.

Do I need a powerful PC?

Not at all. I would recommend starting with what you have and only upgrade as you progress if you hit some hardware limitations. Blender can be pretty swift on the average gaming PC and you can have a look at hardware requirements here: https://www.blender.org/download/requirements/

What is Slack Pro Group?

Slack is a free messaging platform made for groups or teams. There is a Polygon Runway group, where you get invited by email right after you enroll and you can share your course progress, ask for advice, or any kind of feedback. If you get stuck on something, I’m there to help you. Some say, it’s the best part of the package :)

What if I won't like the course?

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