Art Printables For Passive Income

Learn How To Build A Successful Art Printable Etsy Shop and Start Earning Passive Income

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  • 45 Videos to help you start, manage, and grow an Art Printables Etsy Shop from scratch.
  • Additional 8 bonus courses to help you leverage the power of social media and branding to scale your Etsy business to the next level.
  • Access to exclusive resources, worksheets, checklists, and occasional freebies.
  • Access to the private Facebook Groups where you'll have access to get coaching from me 24/7 and Q&A's
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Teachable Best Price Guarantee™

If you find it cheaper anywhere else, we'll refund you the difference.

Your Outcome

About This Course

I’m sharing everything and not holding anything back.

I help my students find their micro-niche, how to find amazing graphics for the art printables, how to make printables, how to create mockups for your printables, how to build a memorable Etsy shop, how to find the right keywords to attract your customer, how to start an email list, and how to scale their Etsy business to the next level.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is money you earn in a way that requires little to no effort.

I personally made $21,000 my first year and $86,000 my second year on Etsy selling art printables and digital goods!

As a special bonus, l have additional lessons included for no extra cost.

✔ Bonus #1 11 DIY digital products (Step by Step Tutorial)

✔ Bonus #2 365 Instagram Stories prompts specifically with Etsy Sellers in mind. The purpose of these prompts is to gain more visibility, warm up your audience, gain leads, and close out the sales.

✔ Bonus #3 How to set up your Facebook profile into a sales funnel.

✔ Bonus #4 How to create a fan page for your Etsy Shop

✔ Bonus #5 How to start, manage, and grow a Facebook Group for your Etsy shop

Additional Bonus coming soon that are included:

✔ How to use Instagram to promote your Etsy shop

✔ How to use Pinterest for your Etsy shop

And much more!

I’m sharing all of my marketing tactics to help Etsy Sellers scale their businesses. This course is even great for those Etsy sellers who don’t want to sell printables or digital products but want to learn how to optimize their shops with SEO, want to learn more about marketing their Etsy shop outside of Etsy using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

This is the only Etsy course you’ll ever need!

What Students Say

"It's been a pleasure to first meet up and connect with Nancy several years ago when she was just starting out in the blogging and content creation space.

As her expertise and skills developed over time, so did her interest in Etsy and Pinterest and making money with digital content... which ultimately lead to her to now making money full-time from home as a result of her hard work and efforts.

On top of that, Nancy has become quite an amazing teacher and influencer in this space. Through her online courses, people are not only discovering how to make money online, they are actually learning and following along with someone who went step by step through the trenches and came out a success story!

If you want to get started (or bring your business to the next level) with Etsy and Pinterest, learning through Nancy Badillo is a no-brainer."

Zac Johnson


Course Curriculum


  • Get Started HERE! 🏴 (1:14)
  • Nice To Meet You! (4:34)
  • 💡Complete The Getting ed Questionnaire (0:45)
  • Join The Etsy Printable Course Members Only Facebook Group (0:44)
  • Questions Feedback Thread (0:44)
  • *BONUS*

Etsy Tools

  • Integrate Your Etsy Shop To WordPress (9:28)
  • Etsy 360 Installation Tool (22:38)

Module 1  Quick- Checklist - Have Everything You Need To Complete The Course

  • What Are Digital Prints? (1:25)
  • 🕵️‍♀️How To Do Market Research? (6:31)
  • Build A Strong Brand (4:09)
  • Think BIG! (5:51)
  • Setting Up Your Etsy Account (3:05)
  • The Best Graphic Design Software You'll Ever Need To Create Your Printables (0:43)
  • What You Need To Know About Being Safe With Your Design (2:22)
  • What Should You Know About Fonts (1:08)

Module 2 Making Your Own Printable Designs

  • Find Your Micro-Niche For Your Art Printables (1:43)
  • Successful Etsy Shops With Micro-Niches (5:04)
  • How Do You Find Your Micro Niche (2:14)
  • ✍ Write A Great Niche Statement to Propel Your Business (3:21)
  • Example of Successful Niche Companies (2:12)
  • How To Find Amazing Graphics For Your Art Printables (9:09)
  • What Type of License Type Do You Need? (3:55)
  • How To Choose The Right Graphic Designs For Your Brand (6:00)
  • How To Navigate And Find The Right File Format (4:30)

Module 3  Let The Fun Begin! How To Create Art Printables And How Art Mockups Work!

  • Step by Step How To Make Art Printables (10:23)
  • Design #2 - Home Art Decor Printable (2:41)
  • Design #3 - Nursery Art Decor Printable (2:56)
  •  How To Add Your Fonts To Canva (7:22)
  • How To Create Your Art Printable Mockups (10:40)
  • How To Create High Quality JPG & PNG Files (1:49)
  • One Size Fits All - Print Sizes (2:51)
  • Margins, Bleeds, and Crop Marks
  • How To Create A Zip File (1:11)

Module 4 Creating An Etsy Shop For Success

  • How To Build A Memorable Etsy Shop (6:55)
  • Branding Your Etsy Shop With A Banner (1:34)
  • Samples of Different Etsy Shop Banners (4:22)
  • The Most Important Branding Element (1:05)
  • Example of Different Types of Shop Icons (4:02)
  • Why You Need To Have Your Own Domain Name (2:34)

Module 5 Etsy SEO

  • Understanding The Essentials of SEO  (2:20)
  • How To Optimize Your Etsy Title for SEO (2:27)
  • How To Optimize Your Listing Description For SEO (5:49)
  • Example of An Optimize Listing Description For SEO (11:25)
  • How To Optimize Your Etsy Shop For SEO (2:11)
  • Brainstorming Ideas for Tags (2:43)
  • How To Use eRank To Find Profitable Keywords (11:24)

Module 6, Manage, and Grow Your Shop

  • How To List Your Art Printables On Etsy (13:23)
  • How To Persuade Buyers To Buy (2:46)
  • How To Improve The Layout Of Your Store (1:30)
  • How To  An Email List For Your Etsy Shop 📨 (5:16)
  • CONGRATS For Completing The Course! (0:16)

Bonus #1 | Different Types of Digital Downloads

  • How To Create Table Numbers (25:18)
  • How To Create SnapChat Filters (30:31)
  • How To Create Any Type of Sign (24:08)
  • How To Create Backdrop Banners (19:03)
  • How To Create Wine Labels (21:49)
  • How To Create Favor Tags (19:42)
  • How To Create Cards (11:25)
  • How To Create Digital Invites (15:06)
  • How To Create Invitations (11:46)
  • How To Create Custom Signs (9:14)
  • How To Create Water Bottle Wrappers (13:43)

Bonus #2 | 365 Instagram Story Prompts for Etsy Sellers

  • 365 Instagram Story Prompts (5:30)

BONUS #3 | How To Set Up Facebook Profile Into A Sales Funnel

  • How To Set Up FB The Right Way < -- Many Have It All Wrong (2:38)
  • Your Perfect Lead Magnet (7:40)
  • Write A Persuasive Call To Action (3:47)
  • Optimize Your Facebook Profile (9:33)
  • Landing Page (5:34)
  • Money Making Email Sequence 💰 (8:17)
  • Engage on Facebook (8:25)
  • Congratulations!

BONUS # 4 | Facebook Fan Page

  • What Is A Fan Page On Facebook? (0:46)
  • Benefits Of Having A Fan Page On Facebook (3:35)
  • How To Create A Fan Page (2:13)
  • Updating Your Facebook Business Page Tabs (5:49)
  • How To Edit Your Business About Section (8:13)
  • How To Link Your Instagram Account To Your Fan Page (2:38)
  • How To Block Words and Profanity On Your Facebook Fan Page (5:26)
  • Add A CTA Button To Your Page (2:46)
  • Facebook Insights (Why You Need To Use It) (8:58)
  • How To Enable Reviews On Your Facebook Business Page (3:38)
  • Congratulations!

BONUS #5 | How To , Manage, and Grow A Facebook Group for Your Etsy Business

  • 8 Reasons Why You Need To  A Facebook Group for Your Etsy Business (9:01)
  • How To Create An Opt-In For List Building (4:18)
  • Facebook Group Hack To Increase Email Conversions (3:40)
  • How To Create A Facebook Group (7:08)
  • Writing Great Rules for Your Facebook Group (9:14)
  • Creating Membership Questions 📋 (10:14)
  • Setting Up Keyword Alerts (8:23)
  • Getting To Know Your Target Audience (6:37)
  • About Me Section (2:16)
  • Using Pin Post To Increase Leads (4:49)
  • Using Tags To Steal Your Competitors Traffic (5:10)
  • Custom Web Address (2:40)
  • How To Manage Your Facebook Group (6:47)

BONUS #6 | Using Pinterest for Your Etsy Business

  • What Is Pinterest? (1:43)
  • How Pinterest Works (1:37)
  • Setting Up Your Pinterest Business Account (1:03)
  • The Pinterest Profile That Wins Customers (4:07)
  • Logo vs Photo (1:55)
  • Add Location & Details (2:04)
  • Showcase (1:49)
  • Recap ✍ (0:32)
  • Overview of Pinterest (3:40)
  • Clean Up Your Pinterest Account (1:31)
  • Activate Rich Pins (8:39)
  • Recap (0:15)
  • What Content To Pin On Pinterest (1:31)
  • Identify Your Target Audience (5:39)
  • Recap (0:21)
  • What Is SEO? (0:57)
  • Where To Apply for Your Keywords (11:25)
  • How To Use Hashtags (2:46)
  • Recap (0:20)
  • What Type Of Content Should You Share (1:19)
  • What To Post On Pinterest (6:13)
  • How To Create A Brand Style (4:32)
  • Define Your Niche (1:45)
  • Recap (0:27)
  • Key Elements of A Pin (1:15)
  • Sizing Your Pins (2:20)
  • Branding Your Pins (1:27)
  • Name Your Image File (1:11)
  • Different Types of Pins (5:35)
  • Designing Your Pins (0:43)
  • Recap (0:43)
  • Canva Tutorials!
  • How To Optimize Your Social Images (9:15)
  • Creating A MockUp Using Canva (2:41)

Your Instructor

Nancy Badillo
Etsy specialist

Hi, my name is Nancy, nice to meet you!

Let me tell you a bit more about myself and then we can proceed in going over my different services. My name is Nancy. I’ve been a Digital Marketing Specialist now for 11 years and an Etsy Seller for the last 4 years. I started my Etsy Shop in late 2016 because I wanted to write a case study for my blog about making handmade items and selling them on Etsy.

I originally didn’t have any skills in graphic design nor creating handmade items to sell. I started doing a bit of research and found a couple of stores making a killing selling quotes. I started selling black and white quotes and my first month made $102. I couldn’t believe people were buying my products.

I made a lot of mistakes at the beginning like using phrases that were copyrighted. For example lyrics of songs, “Shake it Off.” After receiving a couple of infringement notices I decided to stop selling quotes and focus on selling digital prints for weddings and all sorts of events. I switched over my designs and that’s when my sales increased significantly. I was able to go from $5 per print to have all sorts of prices ranging from $5 to $40 and that’s where my income double. I ended up making $21K in my first year in Etsy with no experience in the handmade area, after tons of mistakes, infringement notices, and no creative eye.

I now have 6 Etsy Shops and lovemaking passive income with Etsy. I am by no means an expert but just simply sharing the strategies I have used to run successful Etsy shops.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a graphic designer or tech savvy to complete the course?

No, this course is stress free. You'll be able to complete the entire course, learn how to make printables, even if you have little to no graphic design skills or not tech savvy at all.

How long do students have access to the course?

Students can access the course indefinitely! You'll be able to go take the course at your own pace and review older lessons as well new lessons that will be added throughout the year at no additional cost.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to start making passive income selling art printables on Etsy. It's ideal for entrepreneurs or anyone who has no experience selling online.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

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